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The Mysterious Monkton Farleigh

The Post-9/11 2001 Moulton Rally and Swap Meet at Monkton Farleigh —an area frequented by UFOs. The pub was chained to the hill side—to keep it from slipping into the valley. It might be a 500 year-old building…or older, The Moutons were just antiques. Monkton Farleigh Pub Stop 1 Our guide, Chris Eley, wanted to arrange an underground ride through the caverns. Many old mines that the MOD (Minister of Defense) used during WWII (for ammo storage—really a cover operation for UFO research) are ridable and spelunkable, in Monkton Farleigh, where searching yourself is encouraged. More info on Dark Places—also see the BBC artcile.
…and don't forget to leave a trail of bread-crumbs! BBC: Monkton Farleigh Bunker

Real walking hills around there—we walked a mile or so up a one-in-four I suspect. Monkton Farleigh Pub Stop 2

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