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North Road Bicycle Imports

Mikey Rides
  • P.O. Box 840—166 Courthouse Square—Yanceyville, NC  27379
  • Toll Free Raleigh, NC Area: (919) 828-8999
  • Toll Free Nationwide (800) 321-5511
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Pashley Movie!:

Pashley bicycles are the "genuine article"—quality bicycles hand-built in England. This video discusses how the Pashley fights the tide pulling toward modern mediocrity and thrives delivering the kinds of bikes that people really want while keeping highly-skilled manufacturing traditions and jobs alive and at home and the resulting social impact on the surrounding community. Includes brief interviews with Adrian Williams, Dave Cook, Clive Morton and Dave Moldstock.


Pashley Movie!
Bumpersticker: "I just saved a bunch on my car insurance by switching to Shimano!"

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