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North Road Bicycle Imports

Mikey Rides
  • P.O. Box 840—166 Courthouse Square—Yanceyville, NC  27379
  • Toll Free Raleigh, NC Area: (919) 828-8999
  • Toll Free Nationwide (800) 321-5511
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  • North Road Bicycle Imports Virtual Shop Tour. This is a webpage on the famous Classic Rendezvous Website featuring—us!
    It's a little slow loading, but it gets the flavor of our cluttered enterprise.
  • Links to Rides & Clubs are on our event pages.
  • Inspiring travelogues can be found on our ride reports page.


The new Moulton TSR — 



René Herse:

Reference — Equipment:


  • Organizations:
    “Don't agonize, Organize.” (one of the Kennedies said that, or something like it, I think…)
    • Randonneurs USA (RUSA) is the ACP sanctioned organization for randonneurring in the United States and is also affiliated with Les Randonneurs Mondiaux
    • SustransAudax UK is the randonneurring organisation in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    • For UK cycling maps, visit Sustrans
    • 1304Bikes 'cause it really IS good clean fun!

Reference — Touring, Bike-packing & Camping:

Tents, stoves, etc…:

  • Tents, stoves and other camping gear suited for bike-packing:
    • Huberman's Treklite
    • Stephenson's Warmlite
    • Shires' Tarptent
    • Ranger Rick's Digest— A great place to get camping and general outdoor cleverness tricks and tips from a retired Army Ranger.  My favorite is Ranger Ricks Poncho conversion kit which happens to be my low cost lightweight summer sleeping bag. His SOS survival necklace is super compact and works and enhanced wisdom is available in his nine pocket vest size Ranger Rick Digests.  Any creative person will treasure these.
    • Coupounas' GoLite
    • Nemo equipment tents — online videos, including "bladder replacement"!
    • Brasslite backpacking stoves & vegetarian jerky
    • Purcell Trench high quality lightweight grills and tarps
    • Roll your own tents, sleeping bags, panniers, etc… with Homemade Backpacking Gear.
    • The truly stove-obsessed will be interested in perusing Classic Camp Stoves at, an online venue for collectors & users of vintage camp stoves such as those made by Primus, Optimus, Radius, Svea & many others. I've got half a dozen stoves I'll bet, and that website makes me want to buy 10 more!

Pashley Movie!
Bumpersticker: "I just saved a bunch on my car insurance by switching to Shimano!"

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