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North Road Bicycle Imports

Mikey Rides
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The Pashley Princess Sovereign

Pashley 33
A tough bike parking day in front of our Yanceyville shop
Over one's mind and over one's body the individual is Sovereign. —John Stuart Mill

Pictured above, three Pashley Princess Sovereigns, designed to please the mind and body:

The Princess was selected by the Independent for Miss Marple wannabes pedaling the mean streets of Shepton Mallet, basket loaded with ginger beer and jars of home-made jam. This hand-built regal steed also caught the eye of TreeHugger, where they prefer to load the basket with flowers & bread.

Peruse the factory specs over tea, then ring us up to discuss customizations.

Yours in Cycling,
Gilbert Anderson

  North Road Bicycle Imports
  P.O. Box 840
  166 Courthouse Square
  Yanceyville NC  27379 or

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