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Mikey Rides
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High-Head—better than no head at all

High Head Roadter The High Head Roadster-style kickstand: All current men's traditional 3-speed style have this kickstand (rear wheel wrap around; none of that troublesome bottom-bracket bolting) with built-in rack. We sell them separately but, while the attached rack is okay, some of my…more determined customers saw it off above the axle mounts! The whole rig works great on a 28-inch Raleigh DL-1 Tourist 3-speed Roadster.

Pashley Deli Bike The Pashley Deli bike's large basket carrier is attached to two mounts (at least a pound of steel extra there), brazed near the back of the head-tube, and is not easily retrofitable. This, with the small front wheel, make it a surprising delight to ride—far from high-performance, but hard to equal for hauling rocks, sand, wine, groceries or large Macaws without a trailer. The mounting system lives on—in a lighter refined version—on Moulton bicycles, where their front platform and pannier racks carry touring loads with ease, stability and confidence.

Remember: At Pashley, "Wicker is the new Nylon, and Steel is the New Titanium."

P.S.: I've found a source for kickstand tips—Deluxe, made in the USA, just USD $1.40 ea.! They look sharp, and for ease of installation they handily beat the old golf-ball glued to the end approach. Everybody needs a couple! I can check, if need be, for proper fit on the dual-leg stand by Esge, but they are made for Esge and Greenfield center-mount (rear-mount is same) kickstands. Someone once asked, "How do you do it so cheap?" It's simple really: Volume, Volume, Volume! Bulk discounts on 100/1000/10,000-piece lots available.

P.P.S.: A solid kickstand comes in quite handy when making deliveries!

on the way to Smithfield You must realize, of course, that Park Tool only sells those work stands because it's so hard to grow a proper tree within the confines of a typical bike shop.

Yours in Cycling,
Gilbert Anderson

  North Road Bicycle Imports
  P.O. Box 840
  166 Courthouse Square
  Yanceyville NC  27379 or

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