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North Road Bicycle Imports

Mikey Rides
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A.H. Motz Facility
Often voted one of the Top Twelve Moulton Importers of Caswell County.
Irrefutably, not the worst shop in town.

Caswell County

An hour, or less, away from the Triangle is a land of friendly people and quiet shaded roads that delight with long sections of smooth flat stretches punctuated by scenic hills and turns that remind many of the mountains—yet three hours closer to the Triangle. A cyclist's dream—in his August 14th 2005 article, Free wheeling, Joe Miller extols the virtues of the safe, serene and lonesome roads of Caswell County for cycling.

While tending to my family's farmland up there, I told the economic development guy that I was moving my shop.

"Where to," he asked?

"Well, I'm looking for something in Danville…"

"Danville? You don't want to go to Danville—that's in…Virginia!"

Finally the guy drops into my store few weeks ago. "I would like for you to open a bike store in Yanceyville," he says.

I reply, "I would like to open a bike store in Yanceyville."

"I've got a building…but…I can't pay you to move in there…"

"You trying to make me hold out for a better deal?"

Mobile Shop
On the move, and two-steps ahead of Cornwallis—in our "High Mobility" operating facility. Bring it on, your lordship, bring it on!

Yanceyville is about four hard days cycling to the Blue-Ridge Parkway. The County wants to host and promote bike events, and setup camping in town—It sounds like the perfect spot to locate an eclectic business, especially one with a cycling museum upstairs.

Caswell County is rich in American Revolution and Civil War History. Lord Cornwallis* unsuccessfully pursued General Nathaniel Greene through Yanceyville in the famous "Race to the Dan" (River). I also read that they hanged a guy (not legally) in the courthouse in Yanceyville, starting a war there and overthrew the governor; it's all over now, but we could revive it for a Halloween bike ride.

A.H. Motz
Back in the earlier days of Old Time Yanceyville—men were men, guns were guns, cars ran on rails and automobiles had real fenders.
Caswell County Historical Association, Inc.

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* 1st Marquess Cornwallis, Member of Parliament was Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief of India, Justice in Eyre, Lord (Viceroy) Lieutenant of Ireland and Baron (Earl) Cornwallis.
(But, he couldn't beat Greene in a race.)

Yours in Cycling,
Gilbert Anderson

  North Road Bicycle Imports
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