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Cycle Camping at Medoc Mountain this weekend—August 13-14

Hello Folks,

Last weekend was so brutally hot the only thing anyone could wish for is well…more heat and camping! So with that thought we offer to you another fabulous summer weekend of fun and frivolity. Please feel free to tag along for all or part of this self-supported camping weekend. Some folks might want to drive up, but remember not to insult the loaded riders by offering to carry their gear. If you drive, be aware that this type of offer is not proper at all for these industrious, free-spirit types.

Arrive at 7:30 AM, or earlier, for tall tales, coffee or light breakfast. Start is at 8:00 AM Saturday, August 13th (Not the 8th as previously stated ) from Helios Coffee Co.; Glenwood Ave. South, Raleigh, NC. We will endeavor for a prompt start this time!

Destination is Medoc Mountain State Park east of Louisburg, NC. Swimming and hiking for the energy excess crowd. While there are no true mountains in this area, there are multiple one-hundred-foot-plus transitions that will require commitment. The overlooks are reported to be quite nice.

Bring your own food and preparation equipment as there is no catering or restaurants there. Stores will be sparse but within 5-10 miles from the campground with food and beverages. Please note that firearms (loaded or not) and alcoholic beverages are prohibited for North Carolina State Parks.

There is a large convenience store about 5-6 miles from the store for supplies and beverages.

Call to let me know if you can come as I need to know how many maps, etc. we need.

The fee is hard to beat—Free, except for camp fees and food. Camp fees were around $3.00 last time after repeated negotiation.

See how much fun we had last time (note the links to photos near the page top).

Yours in Cycling,
Gilbert Anderson

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